New app could stop bullying

Can a new app connect students with resources to stop bullying? A group of developers at Rochester Institute of Technology is hoping their new app will do just that.

According to an article on the website, the B.U.S. app will connect students who are bullied with people who can help. The anonymous platform will allow people to share their experiences and have others comment on them to help solve bullying problems.

B.U.S. stands for “Be heard, Unite voices, Stand together,” and the group of researchers creating the app say the idea came from personal experience. The app would also include safety features that would check for alarming words and alert school administration if they feel a threat is present.

The app is designed to give students more options when they feel they are being bullied, as well as raise awareness of the frequency with which students are bullied.

It would include a contact list of numbers and emails of people that students can contact to continue the conversation about bullying and offer help and support to those being bullied. The app is currently only available on Android operating systems, but developers say they are currently searching for someone who can build an Apple iOS version of the app.

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